The evolution of PacWest is a story of passion and ambition, and very little sleep along the way!

Back in the mid-80's PacWest was struggling under its original ownership. During that time Brent was building his own small empire called "Sound Unlimited". He saw the opportunity for growth, (and wanted to eliminate any competition in town!), and bought out PacWest, merging the two companies in 1986. A veritable entrepreneur and not yet 21 years old!

With a three quarter ton pick-up truck and a 12 foot trailer, (and a lot of Ryder Truck rentals), Brent continued his quest to monopolize Bakersfield's concert productions. In those days you could find Brent and his assistant in a second story workshop, trudging up and down the stairs between the trailer and shop, repairing and refining gear, and learning everything there was to know about the intricacies of acoustical audio engineering.

A guy named Shakespeare once said, "If music be the food of love; play on". Today, twenty years later, PacWest has a dedicated full time staff of professionals and has grown into a multi-service audio company serving satisfied customers throughout California. We will play on, and play bigger, for many years to come!

Brent Milton