PacWest has proven itself a leader in architectural acoustics. Few people recognize the factors affecting the acoustics of a space, or what to consider when planning the design or renovation of a space where people listen. PacWest takes into consideration, from the onset of a project, crucial factors determining the acoustics of a space including size, background noise, geometry, and room surfaces. Our design engineers' practical approach to construction methods, along with years of experience, promises a level of quality that serves our clients across markets.

PacWest provides design and consulting for room acoustics, sound Isolation, noise & vibration control, sound reinforcement, audio for video, distributed audio, video projection, LED Displays, IMAG Systems, MATV, video, theatrical, architectural, and broadcast lighting.


In house wood and steel fabrication is another outstanding feature we provide. In our 1000 square foot woodshop and 1200 square foot steel fabrication facility, we 're able to manufacture, on demand, custom goods such as brackets for installation, spanner bars, and equipment racks.

Installation brings out the "gear heads" in all of us. We want the best for our customers and work closely to develop cost effective solutions by taking added measures to communicate with our clients.